Affordable Ownership
Enjoy yacht living without the hefty price tag through co-ownership.
Luxury Living
Experience opulent yacht living with shared ownership and lavish amenities.
Exclusive Access
Gain privileged entry to meticulously maintained yacht apartments worldwide.
Flexibility & Convenience
Seamlessly reserve and utilize your yacht apartment for ultimate flexibility.
Managed Co-Ownership
Revolutionizing luxury living with shared ownership managed by expert professionals.
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By co-owning yacht apartments with fellow enthusiasts, you can enjoy the benefits of luxury living without breaking the bank.

Managed Co-Ownership

Under this model, a group of individuals collectively invests in a yacht apartment within our fleet. Each shareholder holds a percentage of ownership

Investment Potential

Co-ownership presents an attractive investment opportunity. As the popularity of luxury yachting continues to rise

About WYND Apartments:

Experience Elite Coastal Living

WYND Apartments offers a unique opportunity for those who love luxury and the ocean. Our innovative model lets multiple owners invest in yacht apartments, sharing the perks of ownership without the hassle. Enjoy spacious living spaces and premium amenities, as WYND Apartments provides exceptional experiences for our esteemed community.

Why Choose Co-Ownership with WYND Apartments?

Affordable Luxury

Experience the joys of yacht apartment ownership without the hefty price tag. Co-ownership with WYND Apartments allows you to split expenses with fellow owners, making luxury living.

Exclusive Access

As a shareholder of WYND Apartments, you gain access to a fleet of meticulously maintained yacht apartments, each equipped with lavish amenities and upscale accommodations.

Flexibility and Convenience

With co-ownership, you have the freedom to use your yacht apartment whenever you desire, whether it's for a weekend getaway or an extended voyage.

Vacation Benefits

Gain access to exclusive vacation opportunities at select destinations around the world, curated specifically for WYND Apartments shareholders.

WYND Concept

How Does WYND Work?

At WYND Apartments, we revolutionize luxury living with Managed Co-Ownership. Dive into a world where you and fellow investors share the ownership of stunning yacht apartments. Our expert team handles all the details, from maintenance to itinerary planning, so you can relax and enjoy seamless luxury experiences. With flexible reservations, cost-sharing, and exclusive perks, owning your piece of paradise has never been easier. Welcome aboard the ultimate lifestyle upgrade.

Discover the Luxury Features and Amenities of Our Yacht Apartments

Master Suite

Spacious accommodation for couples or small families. Includes a bedroom with king-sized bed, living area, and en-suite bathroom.

President Suite

Luxurious haven for larger groups or extended stays. Features multiple bedrooms, expansive living and dining areas, private balcony, and multiple bathrooms.

Operating in Top Cities Worldwide

St. Barth | Barbados | St. Vincent | Martinique | St. Tropez | Cannes | Monacco | Ibiza | Mykonos | Seychellen | Bali | Koh Samui | Kanada

Most Popular Questions

At WYND Apartments, co-ownership entails a group of individuals collectively investing in a yacht apartment within our fleet. Each shareholder holds a percentage of ownership, granting them usage rights and benefits according to their stake.
Co-ownership with WYND Apartments offers several benefits, including cost sharing, flexible reservation options, access to exclusive perks, and professional management of yacht maintenance and services.
Shareholders have the flexibility to reserve their yacht apartment for designated periods, whether it's for weekend getaways, extended vacations, or spontaneous escapes. Usage rights are determined based on ownership stake.
Managed Co-Ownership is the principle upon which WYND Apartments operates. It combines the benefits of co-ownership with professional management, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all shareholders.
WYND Apartments' professional management team handles all aspects of yacht maintenance, including regular servicing, cleaning, and upkeep, to ensure that every yacht apartment is in pristine condition for shareholders' use.
Shareholders may incur additional costs related to usage fees, maintenance fees, and any optional services or amenities. However, these costs are typically shared among co-owners, making luxury yacht living more affordable.

It is encouraged and permitted and to rent out the apartment if you are not using it yourself. If you don't want to use the apartment , WYND will take care of the rental of you wish.

To become a shareholder at WYND Apartments, interested individuals can contact our team to inquire about available ownership opportunities, discuss investment options, and learn more about the benefits of joining our community.

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