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At WYND Apartments, co-ownership entails a group of individuals collectively investing in a yacht apartment within our fleet. Each shareholder holds a percentage of ownership, granting them usage rights and benefits according to their stake.
Co-ownership with WYND Apartments offers several benefits, including cost sharing, flexible reservation options, access to exclusive perks, and professional management of yacht maintenance and services.
Shareholders have the flexibility to reserve their yacht apartment for designated periods, whether it's for weekend getaways, extended vacations, or spontaneous escapes. Usage rights are determined based on ownership stake.
Managed Co-Ownership is the principle upon which WYND Apartments operates. It combines the benefits of co-ownership with professional management, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all shareholders.
WYND Apartments' professional management team handles all aspects of yacht maintenance, including regular servicing, cleaning, and upkeep, to ensure that every yacht apartment is in pristine condition for shareholders' use.
Shareholders may incur additional costs related to usage fees, maintenance fees, and any optional services or amenities. However, these costs are typically shared among co-owners, making luxury yacht living more affordable.

It is encouraged and permitted and to rent out the apartment if you are not using it yourself. If you don't want to use the apartment , WYND will take care of the rental of you wish.

To become a shareholder at WYND Apartments, interested individuals can contact our team to inquire about available ownership opportunities, discuss investment options, and learn more about the benefits of joining our community.

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